Black Panther


Discover the Phenomenal Rise of the Black Panther: From Fantastic Four #52 to Cultural Icon. Get an In-Depth Look at the Legacy of this Marvel Superhero with Peter A DeLuca AKAPAD’s Compelling Study. Explore Every Facet of the Character, from His Origins in Fantastic Four #52 to His Many Media Appearances.

*Featured above and only available here on AKAPAD.COM is Peter A DeLuca AKAPAD’s presentation of The Black Panther’s first media appearance as he appeared in The X-Mens Animated Series episode Sanctuary PT1 which initially aired on October 21, 1995. He does not speak nor interact with any characters and is simply used as an easter egg to showcase that there was in fact a shared Marvel Universe.¬†

Black Panther Jack Kirby Original Design Black and White

AKAPAD draws Jack Kirby’s first Black Panther design

Shuri – The Black Panther as you’ve never seen her

First Appearance of The Black Panther – How great is it? Fantastic Four #52

The Art of Black Panther


Black Panther – as we begin to close out our StanUARY Prompts

We saw Black Panther – Dream Warriors 72

Black Panther and the MCU Drinking Order – Dream Warriors 71

Dream Warriors 38 – Go see Mummy 2017 – Black Panther VS Wonder Woman

More about Black Panther

  • First Appearance: Fantastic Four #52, 1962
  • First Appearance of Killmonger: Jungle Action Black Panther #6, 1973
  • Jack Kirby Series, Black Panther #1, 1977
  • Black Panther Mini-Series 1-4, 1988
  • Panthers Prey 1-4, Prestige¬† Format Mini-Series, 1991
  • Fantastic Four v2 #2, 1996
  • Marvel Knights Black Panther #1, 1998
  • First Appearance of Shuri as Black Panther, Black Panther #2, 2005
  • Marries Storm of the X-Men, Black Panther #18, 2006

Media Appearences