Michael Bay

#360 – 6 Underground from Netflix

This flick is legit. Another winner from The Bay. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #360 – 6 Underground from Netflix

BAD BOYS – 90’s Movie Poster


The 1997 mega blockbuster that at the time was the most money Disney every spent on a motion picture while supporting a cast of independent actors that no one ever heard of. Is one of my favorite movies. Why? I’m supposed to be a film snob


We all know the Micheal Bay Transformer movies are some of Pete’s favorites. Where does the family friendly Bumblebee measure up? Internal Tags: Transformers 80’s Toys Action Figure Cartoon Animation

#98 Catching up with Bumble Bee

It’s catching up with the upcoming Bumble Bee spin-off movie of the insanely popular Transformers Franchise. Also, we get some work on Chris and what the hell he’s been up to. *** Audio issues still plague the production but we keep going forward. Internal Tags: Transformers 80’s Toys Cartoon Animation

Orange Crush Soda Transformers The Last Knight Review – Bad Eats Selling Out

Who makes Crush Soda? Are the Transformers Really used in the Soda’s marketing? Bad Eats Selling Out answers these questions and then some. Pete and Brian put it all on the line and do what you don’t have to, they drink it. The journey continues in this edition of Bad Eats Selling Out….Oh… and really […]

Tastykake Transformers The Last Knight Review – Movie Tie-in – Bad Eats Selling Out

Pete and Brian are celebrating the release of Transformers The Last Knight with a new Episode of Bad Eats Selling Out featuring special edition Tastykake Transformers branded treats. What’s the purpose of such a collaboration? Pull up a chair and find out.