This site map is here to better help you navigate the ever-evolving AKAPAD.COM.

DRAW – Landing page to everything Peter A DeLuca AKAPAD has at the drawing table from comic book pages, character design, commissions, to sketchbook challenges.

LIVE – Livestream shows are used to showcase Pete’s projects, drawing, and of course, food reviews and are streamed to various social media networks including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

WORK – This page is a focused look at Peter A DeLuca AKAPAD’s graphic design work, print collateral, clients, comic book projects, bibliography, and more.

TALK – Pete’s Podcast AKAPAD’s Audio Audacity is organized by subject, release date, with links to all the networks the show is available on.

FOOD – Food review videos, live streams focusing on conversation and insight.

VIDZ – Peter pushes out videos on a range of topics throughout all of social media, this is the aggregation of all of these videos.

HUBS – Many subjects fascinate Peter A DeLuca AKAPAD and here is the collection of many of these topics.

FEED – AKAPAD can be found throughout all social media here is a collection of these accounts and a back history of defunct accounts on failed platforms.

BLOG – AKAPAD.COM is a giant blog of the life work of Peter A DeLuca here is a raw feed of this site’s blog roll.

SHOP – Purchase many of AKAPAD’s products such as stickers, comic books, and professional services.

BIO – Biographical information of one Peter A DeLuca AKAPAD.

PAST – The archive section is Pete’s entire work history from his younger years to now.