WildCATS ’95 Animated Trading Card Box Break

We’re looking for “Animated Cel” cards while getting a solid look at every episode of the WildCATS animated series.

Cracking Open Godzilla ’98 Trading Cards

Admit it. You love Godzilla 1998. And you know compared to the foreign Godzilla flicks Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich delivered a top 5 franchise movie. We’ll let’s examine this the best way possible. With trading cards.

Independence Day and Battlefield Earth trading cards

Two of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time are here in trading card form. We’re looking for a hot ass John Travolta autograph card. And yes, we want those sweet ID4 Will Smith chase cards too.

Ripping open Youngblood trading card packs

13 packs of artwork featuring the independent artwork of Rob Liefeld.

Opening card packs of Spawn 1997 -Movie

No joke, I just watched a chuck of this movie again. What amazing timing that I came across a stack of trading card packs from 1997. Let’s hope I get a Todd Auto.

Holy Grail Box Break – WildStorm VS Marvel for tonight’s WildStorm Wednesday

After the 92′ Impel X-Men box break there is not another WildStorm Universe or talent-related trading card box as rare as this WildStorm VS Marvel. It’s disappointing that this set seems to waste two significant resources. 1) The incredible visual resources of Wildstorm Productions. 2) The incredible catalog of Marvel Universe characters. Expect a full […]

Superman Platinum Box Break – Will this rank in my Top 10?

From what I can tell, this trading card set is clearly a masterpiece. However, we need to have a real look this is one of the few sets from this era that I’m not completely familiar with. Let’s get to it!!!!

Topps Finest Image Universe Founders series box break

What’s a Topps Clear Zone chase card? I’m with you – I have no clue but we’ll find’em. What a box break. No joke I’m still thinking about that Rob Liefeld motivation card and the endless creations of Jim Valentino that never saw form or print outside this trading card set. It’s amazing. And a […]

The Prophet Collection Box Break

A long-standing and overlooked must of 90s era trading cards this is the greatest “everyone draw my guy” set directed by Rob Liefeld and the crew at Extreme Studios.

Dark Dominion Zero Issue Trading Cards Box – a lost 90s Innovation Box Break

Say what you want. But this gimmick from Defiant Comics was the bomb.

Jim Lee’s WildCATS Topps 1993 Box Break

It’s may not be WildStorm Wednesday but we have time for another trading card box break as you only know Peter A DeLuca can bring you.


NECA the great toy company once dabbled in trading cards. Lucky us it one of the card sets was the great rock band of them all. KISS! Join AKAPAD as he talks everything while hunting for the limited solid gold record cards.


Shaq-Fu is an infamous video game. But what about the trading cards?

HUUUUGE GEN 13 and Joe Chiodo Pack Opening – Wildstorm Wednesday

It’s what might be our largest WILDSTORM pack opening to date. Let’s rip into some Gen-13 and Joe Chiodo.

X-MEN 1992 – BOX BREAK Wildstorm Wednesday

Yo’BoY ova here gets into the 2nd greatest trading card set in human history.


As of right now, Terminator 2 Judgment Day is a top 5 science fiction movie. It’s the only untouchable time travel loop masterpiece ever made (sorry Star Trek). With that said let’s have a look at the birth of the 90’strading card boom with this amazing card set, and do some time traveling of our […]


WILDSTORM WEDNESDAY – Opening 25 packs of the WildCATS ’94 trading card set

Yes, I know I am doing Wildstorm Wednesday on a Sunday. But I could not wait any longer to check out this amazing trading card set.

WILDSTORM WEDNESDAY – Opening a box of Wildstorm Set 1

It’s back-to-back nights of trading card madness. For this installment of the long-form study of Wildstorm Productions Pete opens up a box of one of the companies first forays into the trading card market.


This 1995 Spawn trading card series is oversized and underrated sets of the 90’s. And serves as one of the best collections from this era.

UZI SUZI – Scum Rag Trading Card

UZI SUZI – Mac Daddy Trading Card

Wildstorm Wednesday – Cracking Open a Wildstorm Gallery Box

Trial by Fire Prototype Trading Card

It’s a dream of mine to have a giant trading card set. I don’t know why other than I think trading cards are cool and fun. With that here is my first attempt at a comic book trading card for my upcoming book Trial By Fire. I am planning to include these with the book […]

#172 – Opening a Bill and Teds trading card box from 1991

Since 1991 YO’BOI AKAPAD has been itching to tear into a box of Bill and Ted trading cards. Folks, today is that day. LETS DO THIS…..

#169 – Completely Forgotten – The Art of Jim Lee Trading Card Set – Does it deliver?

Boys and girls it’s time to answer. How may covers did Jim Lee produce for his very own Wildstorm productions? What titles was his focus? And what is Stormkoting?