Science Fiction had longed inspired young creatives and the movies that capture the heart of spirit of the gener for tomorrow are no different. Ever since he was a child Pete has loved sci-fi and used it to sinpure many stories and art.

#450 – After Earth WILLSMITHATHON

M. Night Shyamalan and Will Smith went through a rough patch at one point, this film is a convergence of that. However, many people have overlooked the trends that After Earth may have jump-started. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #450 – After Earth WILLSMITHATHON

#430 – Flash Gordon – Thanksflicking 2021

Think about it, in some alternate string theory BS universe, Flash Gordon 1980 became the Star Wars of its day. Instead, we have something completely special, fun, and visionary. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #430 – Flash Gordon – Thanksflicking 2021


So…………….like everyone already loves this 165m flick.Let’s talk. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · DUNE 2021 – DIDN'T POUR IT IN AND LEFT OUT THE GOOD STUFF

#370 – Stowaya from Netflix

This is a movie that has every single astronaut movie trope. However not predictable. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #370 – Stowaya from Netflix

#369 – Cloverfield Paradox from Netflix

Cloverfield Paradox is what may be the first true Flex of Netflix – let me explain. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #369 – Cloverfield Paradox from Netflix

#368 – MIDNIGHT SKY from Netflix

George Clooney wants to tell you about The Earth. While stuck on Earth in this 100 Million Doll’a flick looks like one of Netflicks best. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #368 – MIDNIGHT SKY from Netflix

#367 – Spectral from Netflix

If you ever wanted another version of Final Fantasy the Spirits Within this is your flick. Spectral is military fiction with a realistic look at ghosts and how to fight them, with guns. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #367 – Spectral from Netflix

#359 – Avatar Flight of Passage – Is the future

#358 – Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

#346 CINEMAS – Star Wars Holiday Special 1978

AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #346 CINEMAS – Star Wars Holiday Special 1978

#344 – Thanksflicking – The 5th Element

Here we go. One of the movies Pete have seen the most times in the theater. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #344 – Thanksflicking – The 5th Element

#342 THANKSFLICKING – Transformers The Movie

Previously on this Podcast Pete trashed the 1986 animated masterpiece. So why is he grateful for it? AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #342 THANKSFLICKING – Transformers The Movie

Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 18 – Species The Awakening


Bloodshot is a little known comic book and it’s film adaptation will soon suffer the same fate. Staring Vin Diesel Bloodshot is another attempt to create a juggernaut franchise to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #290 BLOODSHOT


For a second time it’s Upgrade one of the best sci-fi movies to premier in the modern day. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #288 UPGRADE


In 2014 Ex Machina was nominated by the Academy for best original screenplay, that year Spotlight won, a film that is not apart of any conversation at present. Ex Machina is rare for it’s vision and execution however it’s full of every AI, robot Sci-Fi trope. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #289 EX MACHINA

#287 BLADE RUNNER The FINAL CUT is a complete waste of time

One of most re-worked films of the modern day by one of the greats gets a official final release, and it’s a such a disappointment AKAPAD couldn’t even finish the film. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #287 BLADE RUNNER The FINAL CUT is a complete waste of time

#286 A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a lovechild of two masters Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick yet it’s not in the lexicon of the great Sci-Fi films despite have more “robot” than nearly every film before it leading into it’s 2001 release. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #286 A.I. Artificial Intelligence


Welcome to a discussion on Cyborg a movie that is all of the following. A great sci-fi film, Van Damme’s best film, one of the best post apocalyptic films, a great study on low budget film making. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #285 CYBORG


First the first time, Pete talks Anime in what could be the biggest creative crash of our lifetime. What ever happened to the cool AF Japanese Animation market? It’s time for one of the key pieces in AKAPAD’s run of cyborg films. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #284 GHOST IN THE SHELL ANIME


Ghost In the Shell triggers nothing but memories for ya’BOI Peter in such a way it’s hard for him to tell you what makes this movie so special. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #283 GHOST IN THE SHELL

#282 BATTLE ANGLE ALITA is far better than Captain Marvel

Battle Angle Alita’s development was one for the ages but the film finally arrived on planet Earth and all 90’s anima/manga, cyborg, dirty future fans are better for it. Also this film stomps Captain Marvel into the ground. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #282 BATTLE ANGLE ALITA is far better than Captain Marvel


Finally- The Pop Culture Pope has seen Terminator Dark Fate. After 3 viewings where does Peter stand on the 6, or is it 7th Terminator film? AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #280 TERMINATOR DARK FATE – IT’S TIME TO TALK

#279 THE RISE OF SKYWALKER – The end of Star Wars

Let’s quote the amazing marketing for this movie. “It’s the end of the Skywalker Sage” which is funny because ya’BOI Pete thought it had already ended. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #279 THE RISE OF SKYWALKER – The end of Star Wars


Solo a Star Wars movie did one thing not even the Empire could do at the height of it’s powers. It’s further divided the Star Wars fan base. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #278 SOLO A STAR WARS STORY

#92 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – Dream Warriors Podcast

Moving things forward and getting back into the flow Pete’s back with a Jurassic Park franchise discussion and thoughts on Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Internal Tags:

Ready Player One -Dream Warriors Podcast – Special Edition

Ready Player One is not just a film. It’s quality is linked to the fate of the American box office.

#80 – Drifter is a must watch – Dream Warriors Podcast

Drifter is a rare movie. It’s hard, dirty, and has an attitude that only comes through when the filmmaker has something to prove. We’re all lucky to have this film available on Netflix.

#78 Bushwick is awesome – Dream Warriors Podcast

Bautista is a master of selecting projects perfect for his screen presence. Bushwick is another example of this. This movie is now available on Netflix and is a must watch.

#76 MUTE on Netflix – Dream Warriors Podcast – Duncan Jones

Everyone seems to be ripping this movie apart. Where does Mute land on the Dream Warriors dartboard? Is Duncan Jones an over rated director? This discussion will shock you.

Perfect Ending The Belko Experiment – Dream Warriors 66

What does a movie with a perfect ending that was made for 5 million dollars look like? It’s looks like the Belko Experiment.

It’s Valerian – Dream Warriors 62 – Movies Comics TV Streaming

Here’s another one hated by critics that some how turned out to be a solid film experience. On a Philadelphia snow day Pete explorers this huge ScI-FI epic along with the 5th Element, eventually leading to an attack on all film critics.

The Bad Batch is a Masterpiece – Dream Warriors 60 – Last Jedi – Fox Disney

One of the best of 2017 The Bad Batch is apart of how the dissection of the Hollywood system is possible in such a rabid past. When it comes to what film is and what it means The Bad Batch is something to behold.

Dream Warriors 49 – War of the Planet of the Apes and Spider-Man

The road to 50 continues and it’s a super late night recording for Dream Warriors 49 that jumps head first into the War of the Planet of the Apes with an analysis of Spider-Mans box office history. If you read the endless fantastic reviews of War of the Planet of the Apes then you have […]

Dream Warriors 42 – Han Solo a Star Wars Tale

It’s an emergency broadcast this time with Dream Warriors 42. Pete and Marc sit down to bring you up to speed on the Han Solo solo (pun intended) movie that’s nearly done production. The movie making process has been chaos and your trusty Dream Warriors try and make sense of it all. Also featured Ron […]

Dream Warriors EPS. 05

I apologize so much for the audio. I am still working out the kinks in getting the audio just right. In the meant time please enjoy a free form conversation with Peter and Norm.