#444 – Red Notice from Netflix is the first of a series (maybe)

The most wonderful aspect of streaming is a film like Red Notice can drop from the sky with zero promotion and be there. The lack of expectations adds to the viewing experience. ***Please excuse Peter when he refers to Gal Gadot as “Gale Gadot” he’s an idiot. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #444 – Red […]

#433 – The Warriors Thanksflicking

There was a time. Long ago where your host AKAPAD only had access to two movies. The Warriors is one of them. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #433 – The Warriors Thanksflicking

#432 – Top Gun Thanksflicking

Top Gun might be a perfect movie. There is no scene, character that can be removed before we get an absolutely perfect ending. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #432 – Top Gun Thanksflicking

#431 – Rocky IV – Thanksflicking

When you think about a Rocky film. This is what you imagine. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #431 – Rocky IV – Thanksflicking

#379 Polar from Netflix

Polar is another frozen Netflix flick, it’s another Netflix comic book adaptation I have never heard it, oh and it kicks complete ass. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #379 Polar from Netflix

#378 Ice Road from Netflix

I am on my way to Niagra Falls and Cooperstown but before I go how about we talk about the modern-day action superhero superman brought to you by the expertly content minding Netflix? AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #378 Ice Road from Netflix

#363 -The Old Guard from Netflix

Few times in AKAPAD’s entire life has he said you should pass on a flick, where passing is better because, in the end, you would have saved the time. But, hey The Old Guard is based on a comic book, so that’s kind of cool. Right? AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #363 -The Old Guard […]

#362 – Triple Frontier from Netflix

When are we going to admit that Ben Affleck is good in everything he is in? Listen up and for future reference know the name of Mark Boal in this episode of AKAPAD’s Audio Audacity Netflix run. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #362 – Triple Frontier from Netflix

#361 – Extraction from Netflix

Extraction came out with a lot of hype and we all know how that goes. So how does one of the highest streamed Netflix films measure up? AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #361 Extraction from Netflix Promotion materials.

#360 – 6 Underground from Netflix

This flick is legit. Another winner from The Bay. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #360 – 6 Underground from Netflix

BLADE II – Day 14 of the 31 Days of Dread

Stretching from the thread of Van Helsing Pete discusses his favorite horror action movie and his favorite Blade film. It’s Blade and it still hold up.

VAN HELSING – Day 12 of the 31 Days of Dread – Dream Warriors Podcast

  Directed by: Stephen Sommers

#95 Mission Impossible Fallout and more James Gunn – Dream Warriors Podcast

Pete’s here to discuss one of his favorite film franchises Mission Impossible it’s latest installment Fallout was a week ago and Pete’s here to discuss that with some James Gunn developments.

#94 Mission Impossible mix down – Dream Warriors Podcast

Marc joins Pete to go HAAM on all things Mission Impossible. One of the Dream Warriors favorite franchises.

#92 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – Dream Warriors Podcast

Moving things forward and getting back into the flow Pete’s back with a Jurassic Park franchise discussion and thoughts on Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Internal Tags:

#84 John Wick Marathon Gone Wrong – Dream Warriors Podcast

John Wick came to the rescue in this broken discussion where the Dream Warriors intended to have a big Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) hang out session. What resulted was evidence that podcasting is work is doesn’t come easy.

#82 Wheelman on Netflix -Dream Warriors Podcast

Wheelman is a movie with a man in a car that gets out of the car only twice. And it nothing less than captivating. This is a rare film.

#78 Bushwick is awesome – Dream Warriors Podcast

Bautista is a master of selecting projects perfect for his screen presence. Bushwick is another example of this. This movie is now available on Netflix and is a must watch.

#77 The Great Wall is a great…. Dream Warriors Podcast

Oh man. It’s hard to watch this movie without thinking of other movies that did it just a little bit better. Or maybe a lot more better.

Dream Warriors 47- Howl at the Moon with Death Note, XXX, and the state of film review

The second installment of Dream Warriors Howl at the Moon is here. It’s 3am and Pete is ready to babel. Listen in for show updates, a lost Bret Easton Ellis tangent, Death Note, XXX The return of Xander Cage, Attack on Titan, and the ongoing analysis on the state of film review.

Dream Warriors 43 – Baby Driver

Pete and Marc the Merc are pumped for Baby Driver because everyone on YouTube loves the movie. Nothing can go wrong….right?

Dream Warriors Podcast 40 – We liked Tom Cruise The Mummy

  Tom Cruise The Mummy Dark Universe Horror Movie