Not since the formation of DreamWorks SKG have we seen a film studio as ambitious as Netflix, with that we have never seen a modern day studio with the intent of Netflix.

#381 Hillbilly Elegy from Netflix

on Howard is living too good a life to inject tragedy where the story requires it. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #381 Hillbilly Elegy from Netflix

#380- The Woman In The Window from Netflix

Here at AKAPAD’s Audio Audacity we often ask…..”What is the intention?” and through that, we discover what do we really want from this Amy Adams feature directed by the masterful Joe Wright. Things are still super busy with my current comic book deadlines. So this update is a little slow. Get ready for another Amy […]

#377 – Outlaw King from Netflix

Outlaw King is both a sequel to Braveheart and brutal AF. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #377 – Outlaw King from Netflix

#379 Polar from Netflix

Polar is another frozen Netflix flick, it’s another Netflix comic book adaptation I have never heard it, oh and it kicks complete ass. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #379 Polar from Netflix

#378 Ice Road from Netflix

I am on my way to Niagra Falls and Cooperstown but before I go how about we talk about the modern-day action superhero superman brought to you by the expertly content minding Netflix? AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #378 Ice Road from Netflix

#376 – The King from Netflix

AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #376 – The King from Netflix

#375 – War Machine from Netflix

Brad Pitt in a military dissing Oscar-worthy performance that I hate. Here we go. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #375 – War Machine from Netflix

#374 – I Care A Lot from Netflix

This movie should have set the world on fire. Too bad great movies are taken for granted on giant streaming services, something that does not seem to change any time soon. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #374 – I Care A Lot from Netflix

#373 #ALIVE from Netflix

Continuing our Netflix Zombie run it’s #ALIVE one of the cutest movies you’ll ever see. It’s a film strictly sold through the acting of Yoo Ah-in. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #373 #ALIVE from Netflix

#372 – Cargo from Netflix

It’s rare when I stop watching a movie due to a lack of interest. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #372 – Cargo from Netflix

#371 – Army Of The Dead from Netflix

Netflix delivers the greatest Zombie film of all time. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #371 – Army Of The Dead from Netflix

#370 – Stowaya from Netflix

This is a movie that has every single astronaut movie trope. However not predictable. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #370 – Stowaya from Netflix

#369 – Cloverfield Paradox from Netflix

Cloverfield Paradox is what may be the first true Flex of Netflix – let me explain. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #369 – Cloverfield Paradox from Netflix

#367 – Spectral from Netflix

If you ever wanted another version of Final Fantasy the Spirits Within this is your flick. Spectral is military fiction with a realistic look at ghosts and how to fight them, with guns. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #367 – Spectral from Netflix

365 – We Can Be Heroes from Netflix

Hollywood wants its own superheroes and We Can Be Heroes is another smart attempt at this, this film wins of every level, and as you can guess few people picked up on it. Also in this amazing episode, we answer the question is Robert Rodrigues the Quinten Tarantino we always wanted? **And apologies – I […]

364 – Project Power from Netflix

Here we go. Finally, a film-created superhero universe that’s ready to go. Do not sleep on Project Power. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · 364 – Project Power from Netflix

#363 -The Old Guard from Netflix

Few times in AKAPAD’s entire life has he said you should pass on a flick, where passing is better because, in the end, you would have saved the time. But, hey The Old Guard is based on a comic book, so that’s kind of cool. Right? AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #363 -The Old Guard […]

#362 – Triple Frontier from Netflix

When are we going to admit that Ben Affleck is good in everything he is in? Listen up and for future reference know the name of Mark Boal in this episode of AKAPAD’s Audio Audacity Netflix run. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #362 – Triple Frontier from Netflix

#361 – Extraction from Netflix

Extraction came out with a lot of hype and we all know how that goes. So how does one of the highest streamed Netflix films measure up? AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #361 Extraction from Netflix Promotion materials.

#360 – 6 Underground from Netflix

This flick is legit. Another winner from The Bay. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · #360 – 6 Underground from Netflix


Another ice cream tie in. What does Stranger Things and Baskin Robbins hold have in store for Peter?


Netflix is trying to change the landscape once again. This time it’s the term Chock Flick. No worries I mapped out a solution. *This post has been back dated.


THE DREAM WARRIORS COUNTDOWN PODCAST ends with the Netflix original movie Velvet Buzzsaw staring perhaps today’s top actor Jake Gyllenhaal. HERE ARE SOME CLIPS OF DREAM WARRIORS PODCAST EPISODE #118


Day one of CINEMAS is here with another gem from Netflix.

ERREMENTARI- Day 24 of the 31 Days of Dread

Errmentari is a rare movie that can stand with Legend the Ridley Scott masterpiece. Watch this then watch that.

#87 Rebirth from Netflix – Dream Warriors Podcast

It’s a Dream Warriors first. No it’s not the first time our favorite film commentators discuss a French film. It’s something much-much more different. Listen and find out…………

#82 Wheelman on Netflix -Dream Warriors Podcast

Wheelman is a movie with a man in a car that gets out of the car only twice. And it nothing less than captivating. This is a rare film.

#81 The Outsider another grand slam from Netflix – Dream Warriors Podcast

The Outsider with Jared Leto (The true Joker) hit’s it home with loaded bases for us and Netflix. If you are a fan of Black Rain or Year of the Dragon this is an absolute must watch.

#75 The Ritual on Netflix – Dream Warriors Podcast

Everyone seems to be ripping this movie apart. Where does Mute land on the Dream Warriors dartboard? Is Duncan Jones an over rated director? This discussion will shock you.

#76 MUTE on Netflix – Dream Warriors Podcast – Duncan Jones

Everyone seems to be ripping this movie apart. Where does Mute land on the Dream Warriors dartboard? Is Duncan Jones an over rated director? This discussion will shock you.

Bright from Netflix is a content treasure trove – Dream Warriors 61

Bright just got butchered by the online community. Not so fast – what is this movie and, where can Bright land 5-10 years down the road? With that in consideration it’s a must watch.

The Bad Batch is a Masterpiece – Dream Warriors 60 – Last Jedi – Fox Disney

One of the best of 2017 The Bad Batch is apart of how the dissection of the Hollywood system is possible in such a rabid past. When it comes to what film is and what it means The Bad Batch is something to behold.

Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 31 – Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things season 2 – Initial reaction to all 9 episodes. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 31 – Stranger Things 2

Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 19 – 1922

Day 19 delivers 1922 another hit from the Netflix horror rollout, and yet another Stephen King adaptation.Go watch this flick. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 19 – 1922

Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 16 – Babysitter

Netflix strikes again with Babysitter a heck of a fun flick directed by McG the mastermind behind the Charlie Angles movies and Fastlane TV show. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 16 – Babysitter

Dream Warriors – 31 Days of Dread – Day 15 – Little Evil

little evil is one of the best well made parodies yet original movies released in a very long time, the next closest comparison may be Young Frankenstein. Catch it now on Netflix and tune in for Day 15 of the 31 Days of Dread. AKAPAD's AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · Dream Warriors – 31 Days of […]

Dream Warriors 52 – Netflix Defenders

Maybe the best intro recorded (yet) for Dream Warriors – Marc is sitting down to have a discussion on Netflix’s Defenders series along with just about everything else geek. Oh, and Pete rants about politics.