#357- Harley Qhinn Animated Series

#356 -Birds of Prey(and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Birds of Prey is great to look at and is filled with hot babes.What is there not to love?

#194 – Batman ’89 the greatest comic book adaptation of all time

Jerry Ordway provides a masterclass in comic book illustration

#171 – The Greatest Comic Book Crossover – Batman Judge Dredd Judgement on Gotham

The BIZ is showing off with his best work in the greatest of all comic book crossovers.

JOKER – Day 5 of the 31 Days of Dread

The film that has broken the 4th wall. If the Joker made a movie he would want this reaction to it. The 31 Days of Dread delivers what will be the best picture of the year. AKAPAD’s AUDIO AUDACITY PODCAST · JOKER – Day 5 of the 31 Days of Dread


Everyone is talking the new Joker teaser trailer. It’s time that I chime in. Internal Tags:Batman DC COMICS DCEU


It’s here a full documentation is Peter A DeLuca’s 2018 Inktober Sketch Book featuring The Foes of Batman. INTERNAL TAGS:INKTOBER 2018 BATMAN JOKER DC COMICS DCEUSKETCH ILLUSTRATION

Inktober – Foes of Batman

Inktober – Foes of Batman

Inktober – Foes of Batman


Justice League Pt 4 The Fate of the DCEU – Dream Warriors 59

Justice League Pt4 is here a rant on the fate of the DCEU and what to expect in the future. INTERNAL TAGS: Justice League Superman Batman Wonder Woman DCEU

Justice League Review PT 3 – Dream Warriors 58

Justice League pt3 brings Marc back to the Dream Warriors table to discuss the night Justice League was unleashed onto the world. What happens next is legendary, funny, insightful, and a little bit dangerous. INTERNAL TAGS: Justice League Superman Batman Wonder Woman DCEU

Justice League Pt2. Social Media Reactions – Dream Warriors 57

Justice League Part 2 of 4 is here. Now it’s time for the social media interactions. We all know Superman is in this flick, let’s see if it has an impact. INTERNAL TAGS:Justice League SupermanBatman Wonder Woman DCEU

Justice League Critical Mass what are the first impressions?

Justice League is a movie an entire generation has waited for. What do some of the top YouTube influencers have to say about this highly anticipated superhero epic? INTERNAL TAGS: Justice League Superman Batman Wonder Woman DCEU

Dream Warriors Eps 14 – Dark Knight Returns the most epic Batman story

Today’s special guest: Norm

Dream Warriors Special Edition – Suicide Squad

Pete and Norm are back with a Special Edition of the Dream Warriors Podcast, this time around it’s a focus on the DC Comics Suicide Squad movie.


The hype for BVS is real and with a maxed out week I could not let the opportunity pass up on posting a sketch of the armored featured in the film and inspired by Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns on my Instagram @akapad13. Here is a full scan of the piece I posted yesterday before […]

Massive Batman

This is a Sharpie marker Batman sketch I randomly drew on an insert for a binned portfolio. I colored it in Photoshop because I wanted to play with the highlights.