You don’t have be a Scrooge but don’t let anyone tell you not to work on Christmas. Those with goals and heart always have something to do. Something to move it all forward. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Peter A Deluca (@akapad69)

Gadsden Flag -Dr. Doom

I understand this is a bit late, but, I had an idea. I said this last year for the Fourth of July and I will say it again. These designs will be something either in a form of a Pin or Sketchbook Series. Adding the Gadsden Flag to comic book characters is one of the […]


This is a completely and super late post for X-Men which was May 13th when tickets for Dark Phoenix went on sale. Usually for Holidays or events like this I combine two characters that I feel fit perfectly well as a single entity or are completely ridiculous to even conceive of merging together. These drawings […]


What perhaps might be my last drawing of the year. I present CYBER CLAUSE.


For whatever reason I remembered back when I was doing nothing but creating sample work for Extreme Studios I came up with an idea of an upgraded DieHard. Rob Liefeld


Pirana Joe Simon Universe

Inspired by Rob Liefelds highjacking of The Fighting American and also flipping the bird to Marvel Entertainment I thought it would be great to bring back another Joe Simon character. Pirana was a slam dunk the aquatic character successfully swam into the abyss of forgetfulness. The BIG IDEA was to insert the Sub Mariner origin into Pirina while using it as a launching pad to an entire universe of characters (the rest […]

Nurse Shark


The next awesome thing from Stephen Lindsay

Back in 2009 I was going back and forth with Comic Book creator Stephen Lindsay over a script he had called Nurse Shark.  Unfortunately I completely dropped the ball on this project the responsibility with the Sign Pros and Design Pros transition was too much at the time. Essentially I left Steven hanging and was […]

Throwback Character Design

This is a character from a Comic Book Series I developed with an employee while at Hall of Heroes. Essentially him and I were the Butch and Sundance of the comic shop generating over 1-2k+ in sales Friday and Saturday nights and coming up with story concepts along the way. At this time I seem to the […]